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Returns Policy

We hope that you enjoy the purchases you make from Caroline Lewis. However, if you wish to return an item, you may do so in accordance with your statutory rights or in accordance with this Returns Policy.


How to Return an Item 

As an alternative to the return options provided by your statutory rights, customers may return items purchased from Caroline Lewis under this Returns Policy in accordance with the following terms:
1.    Returns made under this Returns Policy must be made within 14 days of delivery of an item.
2.    Items to be returned must 
be in perfect condition as when received, securely packaged in original packaging and must arrive undamaged.
3.    To start the returns process, you should email us at requesting a return in accordance with this Returns Policy. Include your name, identification of your order (e.g. an order number), and details of the item(s) you want to return.  

Entitlement to a Refund

When a return is made following the requirements and procedures set out in this Returns Policy, a customer is entitled to a full refund of the price you paid for the item(s): 
1.    Taking into account any discounts that were applied at the time of purchase.
2.    Exclusive of any shipping costs paid.

Processing Returns

Once we have received an item you wish to return:  
1.    We will check the item you have returned within, wherever possible, 14 days. We may be able to check items returned in-store immediately.
2.    If we confirm that the item and your returns procedure comply with the requirements set out in this Returns Policy: 
a.    We will let you know that your return has been received and accepted. 
b.    You will receive a refund via your original payment method, usually within 14 days of a return being accepted.
3.    If the item returned or your returns procedure does not comply with the requirements set out in this Returns Policy:
a.    We will let you know why your return has not been accepted. 
b.    We may offer a reduced refund (e.g. if an item is returned damaged).
c.    You will have the option to take the item back (note that you may be required to pay for shipping if necessary).



If you wish to exchange an item purchased for another item you should return the purchased item as usual (i.e. as set out above) and make a new purchase of the new item you wish to have. 


A Customer’s Statutory Rights 

The returns process provided under this Returns Policy is provided in addition to customers’ statutory rights and this Returns Policy does not diminish these statutory rights in any way - it simply provides our customers with an additional returns option.
A customer has a statutory right to a refund in certain circumstances. For example, you may have a right to a refund if a product is not of satisfactory quality or not fit for purpose. Or, if you’re a consumer, you may have a right to simply change your mind and cancel your order in certain circumstances (i.e. your cancellation rights). 
Exactly which rights apply to your situation will depend on the circumstances of your purchase. For example, whether you purchased as a consumer or a business; whether you purchased online or in-store; and whether you purchased digital content or other items. For more information on your rights in relation to your purchase:
1.    See the Terms and Conditions that cover your purchase. You will have been shown or given these during the purchase process. Alternatively, find our Terms and Conditions online here:
2.    You can contact us at to request a copy of the relevant Terms and Conditions, to ask which of our Terms and Conditions are applicable to your purchase, or to request more information about your rights. 

This Returns Policy was created on 18 November 2023.

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