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White Raven's Gift

White Raven's Gift



White Raven is a rare and magical creature, encountered maybe once in a lifetime. The white raven of this painting has a gift to give you, a beautiful feather from its wing. This is the gift of Truth Seeing Eyes and of Gratitude.


White Raven’s Gift

The time to be you is now..
No more waiting to continue
No more ‘When this happens, then I will be..’
No more.
Your time is NOW
To look with your searing Truth Eyes..

What stories do you still tell that are no longer true?
About who you are, what you do?
Which behaviours no longer serve you?
People no longer sustain you?
Work no longer feeds your soul?
Clothes no longer represent you?
Food no longer nourishes you?

Pick over every bone of your life,
Especially those you shy away from
Or hide in the darkness.
Be ruthless.
Sort it all Baba Yaga style
Every grain, every seed from the dirt
Sort it ALL!

Take only that which is nourishing, fiery, vital
Heart alive and soul singing.
Discard all else
Compost it
Make it into something good
Ditch those old stories, shed those old skins
Be born fresh and new and open into


Be ready for what is coming next.
Become who you are,
Inside and out,
Through and through,
Congruent with your soul.

What stories do you tell which are no longer true?

…White Raven’s Gift

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