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Starburst Bowl

Starburst Bowl


Dramatic starburst bowl full of glitter and sparkle. These bowls are inspired by my visit to the Stonehenge exhibition and seeing the Nebra Sky disc. Ancient cultures revered and measured their time using the celestial skies. Pleidaes was an important constellation and it is thought that its disappearance in the visible skies in March (in Europe) was the indicator to begin cultivation for the year. 

Made with gold and silver mica which glisten in the light, and pure silver foil which burns away leaving a smokey golden bloom.


Handmade original art work made in my studio in south Somerset.

Fused glass bowl approximately 16cm in diameter and 2-3cm deep with a flat bottom. The glass is about 6mm thick. For decorative purposes only. Handwash only. 

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